Sunday, January 15, 2006

Short & Sweet

Let's see, what's new...

I'm feeling much better and am back at school although my ears occasionally pop once in a while. Is that normal?

The spring retreat is off much to the disappointment of every LCMS missionary in Central Europe. Apparently there are no funds. I think we should be allowed to take the week off anyway and travel to our heart's content. Or pick a city and come together on our own. The retreat would've been our last time to see each other again and it's really sad that we won't have it. Part of me feels really cheated.

With the retreat off, I'll have to wait until the middle of March until my first vacation. That's gonna be tough. Teaching takes a lot of my energy. I really love my students though. Every day they surprise me. Sometimes I wish I could be a better teacher...I feel like my inexperience and lack of training lets them down they could do better with someone else.

I'd love to see if Sopron has some kind of volunteer opportunities outside of school. I don't know how it'd work with the language barriers, but maybe if I asked one of my English speaking friends to join me. I've been invited to yoga classes, Tai Chi, downhill skiing (don't worry Mom, I'm NOT considering that one), and such but I don't feel that I'm being put to full use here. I want to do more...something where I can physically see the results of my labor. I don't know. It may happen and it may not.

I'm kind of counting down the weeks until that bad?

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