Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Really Dying Happy

Today when I arrived on campus an extraordinary thing happened that completed my life's journey.

After I parked in the ramp, I headed over to the College of Communication building two blocks away. As per usual, the red light at the intersection dictated which way I crossed first. This time I crossed East first, and then South toward The Al.

As I made my way past The Al I heard a trickling sound.

"That's funny," I thought, "It's not raining."

I looked toward the building, and sure enough, a homeless man was urinating on the corner of The Al.

Thankfully, he was turned away from me and so I did not have to witness the indecent exposure, however, I could see that he was creating a rather impressive waterfall of a wet spot on the nice buff-colored concrete.

I had two options:
1. Call Public Safety, after which they would arrive just in time to see the wet spot drying with no perpetrator, or
2. Go on my way and glory in the fact that my time at graduate school is now complete.

I chose the latter.

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