Friday, July 2, 2010

Fish Fry and a Flick is Back!

There's nothing that screams Wisconsin more than a Friday night fish fry. Pair that with delicious Point Special and food by Bartolotta's and you've got yourself a smashing success.

Such is the case of Fish Fry and a Flick, held outdoors on Milwaukee's lakefront right outside Discovery World.

This year, the event kicks off August 6th with The Hangover, which I am so excited to see as I haven't done so yet (I know, right?).

You can find out more about the upcoming schedule and the event here.

I hope to see you there - I'll for sure be there every week except for Darkside of Oz, because I went to that last year and it was pretty lame. The crowd got restless and really thinned out once they hit replay on Pink Floyd. Bygones.

Oh, and I'm still a bit sad that they no longer allow carry-ins, but you have to expect that from an outfit hoping to make a profit. But let's just hope the folks at Bartolotta's reign in their use of salt in the fish fry and fries, because if you're not gonna allow carry-ins then you must provide something I will eat (though I guess plenty of people seemed to like it). Bygones.

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