Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Big Arrival

I have safely arrived in Sopron.

Two weeks ago Ken called and said my visa was done and could I please leave next week? So I left next week. I flew into Bratislava last Friday and stayed with the Lindseys until Gerlinde drove me to Sopron today. I must admit that it was really hard saying goodbye to Gerlinde. She is such a wonder of creation and made me feel so welcome. The hospitality in that household is truly without equal. I'm hoping to go back at least once a month to visit, but I doubt I'll have that much time.

Today was the first day I felt truly lonely. My body is fully adjusted to the change in time, tempurature, and altitude. I unpacked my flat in record time (after 4 years of college and moving every few months I'm quite efficient), and now I have nothing to do. Well, that's not true. I have plenty to do but no motivation to do it. Who wants to try and find the Tesco by themselves? Who wants to try and find the bank or figure out how to use the bus by themselves? I'm going to rope a Hungarian into helping me tomorrow. Until then I am without the essentials: wine, water, and toilet paper. That's right ladies and gentleman, Mandi is without toilet paper in her flat. Luckily the Kollegium (dorm, look at me and my Hungarian!) has public bathrooms that are well stocked.


The life of a missionary. It's so adventurous.

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