Thursday, September 8, 2005

It's Getting Better My Friends

So this is my second week teaching English and I'm actually getting into the teaching English part. I have 23 classes, all with different students, and so I have over 200 names to remember. Lord I'm terrible at names. I really enjoy teaching, most of my students are quite advanced so we get to sit around and talk and I have them write stories. They love themselves some chain stories I have to tell you.

I was so lonely my first week. No one else was in the Kollegium, I couldn't get into the computer room, I didn't have a phone. Oh, the inhumanity. But now it's getting better. There are actually other bodies in the building.

Last night I went to "English Club" which consisted of me with 2 other Americans speaking English and drinking Soproni beer at a local pub (those of you who remember the Green Mill in St. Paul would've been delighted with the brew). Today there is an anti-abortion march to the hospital that I think I will go to if I can find the St. Istvan church where the march begins. Let's hope so.

And this weekend I am braving the Euro Rail system and will be taking a train to Bratislava all by myself. We'll see how well I switch trains in Vienna. I'm a little concerned. But I really need to visit the Lindsey's and see some friendly faces...and speak some English. I really miss my family and sometimes it's really really hard to be here all by myself. And I mean really hard. But it's definitely getting better and I imagine it will continue to do so.

Gotta run, my next class starts soon. Cheers!

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Chris Carter said...

oh mandi-

I dont think anything could beat a big cold mug of Honey amber brew...but then again you are in Europe, where they know what they are doing when it comes to beer.

I am glad that things are getting better and that you are getting into English teaching!