Friday, September 16, 2005

Are you ready for this? Well, get ready cuz here's your crash course in knowing your various drinking establishments in Sopron...

Number 1: BEER

Barrel = Beer, my friends. Remember that.

Number 2: WINE

Pay attention now people! Branches = Wine. There'll be a pop quiz...

Number 3: TEA

Teakettle = Tea. Got that?

Okay, so number 3 isn't exactly true. It may have been a teahouse at some point in time, but now it's a dentist's office. So now you can go there to get the stains from the tea bleached off your teeth. It all comes full circle, right?

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Chris Carter said...

wow, looks like everything is very productive in Hungary! J/K! Its good to see some of the places you are seeing and I pray that you continue to adjust enough to start calling these places home!