Friday, September 16, 2005

It's really the little things...

Today we didn't have school because all of the students have a class trip. Good for me, eh? My plan was to sleep, sleep, relax, maybe eat something, and sleep some more (I got a little sick in Bratislava last weekend). But when I woke up the weather was so beautiful that I couldn't help myself and I took myself for a walk.

My plan was to get lost and see what I see. I walked past the University and then headed back downtown, when guess what? I recognized where I was. Yes, that's good, but I was almost disappointed. I did get some great pics though (to be posted later). I also saw one of the directors from the school as I was walking and we waved hello. For some reason that made me incredibly happy...recognizing someone on the street.

I went back to the dorm and my favorite porter was working. I don't know his name but we always wave hello and goodbye to eachother and he always laughs when I ask for the key to the computer room (which is all the time...and which is probably why he laughs). He gave me some chocolate and is now my best friend (the way to a lady's heart guys, the way to a lady's heart).

I also finally found the library again and returned my books and got some more. The clerk remembered me and said Hello and Bye in English which also made me incredibly happy.

I don't know if I've come to a turning point or what, but I just couldn't wipe the smile off of my face today! God has blessed me with such incredible joy and I can only pray that it lasts. There were times in the US that I was blessed with such a joyfulness and people would ask me why I was so happy. It was such a perfect way for me to introduce them to Jesus and I'm really glad that I'm feeling the same joy and I hope it leads to more introductions to Jesus here in Sopron.

This is me loving the world.

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