Monday, September 12, 2005

Here's a little taste of my photos to keep you salivating and thirsty for more...

The white building in the middle is the entrance to the Berzsenyi Daniel Evangelikus Gimnazium where I teach. It extends quite far in the back and all of the rooms are numbered crazily and are hard to find. But I like it, it's like a little scavenger hunt every time I go to school. the red building on the right is an English Pub where, not so surprisingly, they do not speak English. On the left is Posta, the Post Office that I have yet to frequent. Sorry if you've been waiting for snail mail from me, I'm not yet brave enough to go in and try to send international mail.

This is a picture of the Roman ruins in Sopron. Throughout the town you can still see the remnants of the original Roman wall that inclosed the inner city. It's very cool and it makes me wonder if the residents here take it for granted. There is such an incredible history in the architecture here! It is said that one cannot dig under a building or in a yard in Sopron without coming across an ancient statue, building, grave, or remnant of the ancient municipal water system from Roman times.

Can you imagine what that would be like in the US? Anytime someone wanted to build something they'd have to stop and let archeaologists come in and excavate for years before they could start building their shopping mall or apartment complex or parking lot. Crazy yet very cool.

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corntassle said...

Dear Niece, dear 1/4 Oneida blood niece, archeologists DO come in at dig sites before a mall goes up under the Indian Repatriation Act. At Oneida, Corinna Williams from Cultural Heritage has as one of her jobs to oversee dig sites to determine if there are any Indian remains. If so, the digging stops and local archeologists are called in to identify, catalog, etc. So we may not have great edifices, but our history is found all over this country if folks just take the time to look.