Sunday, November 13, 2005


So much has happened in the past 2 weeks. I'm sorry but I just don't have the energy to make a long update. Maybe when I have more time...

Fall break: Visited Vienna, stayed in crazy hostel with Rachel and 4 even crazier Australian guys, had Halloween at the Bermuda Triangle with 3 Austrian men (Rachel was friends with one and the other 2 were his coworkers so they weren't complete strangers off the street, Mom), spent day alone in Vienna shopping for clothes that fit

Fall retreat: trained it to Blava and from there went with the Lindsey's to Stary Smokovec. Made it, had great meals, even greater fellowship, and "went native" in the spa in the hotel (sidenote: by "going native" this author means she stripped down, wrapped herself in a hotel-issue sheet, partook of the sauna, and stripped the sheet to partake of the hottub), sidetrip to Kezmarok to see amazing library and wooden church with beautiful murals

Team Central Europe: David and Radka Fiala welcomed their baby boy into the world in the beginning of November. Josh and Angie Douglas made the difficult decision to return to America as she is expecting their first child so EGT is experiencing a shorthand in their class schedules until they can find substitutes.

Hungary: teaching is okay, it's getting busier now that we're making the students work harder toward end of term exams, I have 3 more private students one of which is teaching me Hungarian in recompense, Christmas markets are coming soon and I cannot wait!

More later when I have time.

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