Monday, May 1, 2006

Got Canned Heat in My Heels

Happy May Day! That's right, May Day is actually a recognized, celebrated holiday over here and so we have the day off from classes (can't argue with that). I hear there's a big shindig in Vienna, but I'm just staying in today and getting a bunch of stuff done. Crazy, eh?

So here are photos of Diaknap (Students Day) from Tuesday. Classes were off (it seems that every week in May is a 4-day week, or less for me...again, can't argue) and there were several fun programs the students could attend throughout the day. The pictures below are from the Teacher's Program that happened around noon. After the student/teacher basketball and soccer games, all of the students came up to the Diszterem to see us put on a show. But oh wait! They couldn't get up the stairs to the Diszterem because it was blocked off! Why, you may ask? Because we (the teachers) were learning and practicing our performance 15 minutes before we were scheduled to go on! I love being prepared! But hey, we all knew the basic point of this production was to make giant fools of ourselves for the students' benefit, so it's all good.

Basically, we found a movie on the internet of a dance team doing an impromptu dance in a train station and we copied it as best we could. Did I mention, we looked like idiots?

Jump for Joy!

How can we forget the breakdancing solos? So skilled, such grace...wait a minute, is that Bob Fosse calling?

In true Dirty Dancing style, we even had lifts. Kriszti took front and center and proceeded to help us "fly through the air with the greatest of ease" even with Balazs pictured here.

Ta Dah! A dramatic, flourishing end to a stunning performance. Afterward, the students commented how well we did and how it really looked like we knew what we were doing. Hah. What young, young, inexperienced minds we're molding...


Rosie said...

Huuuuungary! Bull Dawg and I are here in Panama. We miss you, girl! love, Aruba

Mandi said...

I'm so jealous!!!!