Wednesday, May 17, 2006


I have less then one month left of teaching. I'm completely out of ideas for classes. This sucks. The students have lost the motivation to study and I have lost the motivation to teach anything of substance. I repeat...this sucks. We're just so close and yet so far to the end.

Not to mention I have the fun time of subbing three classes tomorrow. Goody.

Oh, and the retreat is this weekend during which I have to give a speech outlining successes and failures of the Ablaze movement in my little neck of the woods. Grand. It seems like a good idea in theory, but may not be a good idea in practice. I just never know what to say during these types of things. I mean, 15 to 25 minutes of successes and failures? I suppose I can cover most of that time just outlining what I walked into when first arriving into Sopron and how that made it difficult to even have failures not to mention successes. My ideas more or less encompass, not so much my work with Ablaze (specifically), but how the next volunteer should be helped in their work (i.e. what needs to be improved in order for future success). You know, just helpful hints to guide the next person.

Gotta run to class now. Stream of consciousness ends here (actually, I just noticed I hadn't written an entry in a while and so you got a bit of blathering).


Samuel said...

Although I cannot officially comment on anything Ablaze or LCMS WM, I hope you have fun presenting.

Chris Carter said...

yes, I hoep your presentation goes well. I still have to send you my email about...uhmm, uhmmm....I think you know what....