Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Displays of Wealth

Sorry if you still read this and thought I was MIA. I haven't been busy, and I haven't had a million things to do. I'm just lazy.

Last weekend I went to the Showcase of New Homes in Green Bay. I'm conflicted in my feelings about the massive displays of wealth I experienced on the tour. It was interesting to see the big homes until I started to think about what my friends in Hungary would say if they were with me. I mean, one house we saw was designed for a family of five and it had 6,000+ square feet of living space.

Seriously, why would a family of five need that much space? And how many other, better things could people do with the money it cost to build such homes? Perhaps they've never heard of Warren Buffet.

Many of the homes we saw would comfortably fit 5-10 Hungarian homes in them, and I couldn't help but wonder if they were all just so many temples to the almighty dollar. Please Lord, if I ever have that much money teach me to be content with NOT showing it off by building a 7,000 sq ft home with sauna, pool, game room, basketball court, and movie theater. Nor by owning 2 Cadillac Escalades, 1 Corvette, and 2 Harley special editions.

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