Monday, October 8, 2007

The Antiquated TV Date

Remember when you were young and, as your mother was cooking dinner, dad was busy setting up the TV trays before the next episode of Leave it to Beaver debuted? No? Well neither do I, mostly because I'm too young to have experienced an original viewing of Leave it to Beaver.

I did, however, grow up before the remote control was widely available, and my household was one without cable TV. Far behind my peers in pop culture references, the four channels (ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS) we did get were chock full of fascinating television like Dallas, The Cosby Show, and Charlie's Angels.

On occassion mom would bust out the TV trays and we would gather 'round to watch our favorite show (or, Dad's favorite show as the case may be), and enjoy a healthy meal. Sidenote: Unsolved Mysteries always freaked me out as a child, but now, oddly enough, I love a good story of mystery and/or haunting.

I'd like to announce that my friends and I are reviving the practive with weekly TV dates. Monday is Double D (Dexter & Dinner), while Wednesday is the always-anticipated Kid Nation Mockathon '07.

Seriously, have you ever seen Kid Nation? It's the latest in "shows so easy to mock it's almost not fun yet only more so."

My favorite is Taylor who is learning that, while Mommy and Daddy call her a princess, everyone else hates a tyrant. It's a great lesson to watch being learned. Although I'm not a fan of the Southern accent. I can't hardly understand a word she says, but can only infer her meaning by the expressions of shock and outrage on the other children's faces.

A little irony to leave you by:
"Someone who can take control of all situations while considering everyone involved and listening to everyone's opinions. Also someone that makes sure that the job gets done and that everyone does his or her part." - Taylor when asked what she thinks makes a good leader

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