Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Slow Pitch by Professional Athletes

In honor of Father’s Day, my immediate family made plans to attend a sporting event to which all fathers (dad, stepdad, brother-in-law) would be invited. Sidenote: Turns out my brother-in-law had to work, but my sister brought his son, my adorable nephew, along instead.

The event? The Donald Driver Celebrity Softball game (benefitting The Donald Driver Foundation)

Started by Michael Bolton (note: this author does not think this is really true. She merely remembers a softball game with celebrities at the same stadium hosted by one no-talent, a$$-clown, Michael Bolton), and reinvented by Brett Favre, the softball game features Packers players having a good time on a diamond rather than a field. The future of this fundraiser looked uncertain, what with Brett Favre retiring, but all anxiety was for naught as DD took up the mantle and hosted the game for all fans to enjoy.

The weathermen predicted rain, but the one black cloud to make an appearance was more for show than any precipitating action.

My mom, sister, and I spent most of the time shuttling the little nephew back and forth to the playground. The fathers (dad and stepdad) didn’t seem to mind.

This year, in an incredible effort almost lost in overtime, the defense beat the offense, effectively ending a five-year losing streak. Good job, defense, good job.

In between innings, radio personalities and Packer wives took turns embarrassing themselves with mock sumo wrestling and human hamburger making (each lady wore half a bun costume, and a relay race to top the fake meat patty with condiments ensued).

Brat gun and t-shirt slingshot aside, it was an enjoyable day (because who really wants a brat shot out of an automatic launcher).

Photos at Packers.com

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