Friday, September 5, 2008

I didn't have to use the Hershey bar afterall

Attention everyone, Hershey has left the building!

That's right folks, Nice Guy and Douche Bag have moved out of the downstairs apartment. To escape Harley City last weekend, I fled Milwaukee for nicer (read: quieter) climes in the Northwoods. When I came home, the guys had moved out and left all of their garbage overflowing in the trash can.

Honestly, would it be too much to ask for you guys to bag it up? *Sigh

Nasty garbage aside, this week has been quiet, and I can only hope that my new neighbor, B, does not have a high-strung dog.

I interrupt this regularly scheduled blog post to note that the Brewers just pissed me off. Gagne is not the closer we all hoped he'd be. Realize this, Mr. Yost, and stop pretending otherwise.

Back to the story at hand.

In anticipation of B moving in this weekend (fast turnaround, I wonder where the landlord found this guy, and hope he isn't friends with the former neighbors), I suspect I should get out of dodge if I want some peace and quiet. Alas, this is not to be as I have boat loads of grading and reading to do for class. My first foray into officially grading essays. Wish me luck!

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