Sunday, September 28, 2008

Intellectual property or fit for public consumption?

Can I just say how stupid it is that MLB has proprietary rights over their televised games? I say this because I am currently celebrating the latest Brewers win (RYAN BRAUN!!! CC SABATHIA!!!), however, we (the fans watching at home) cannot watch how this will turn out because the Mets and Marlins game is not televised by FSN. Instead, FSN is staying on the air and focusing their cameras, in Miller Park, on the Mets game on the Jumbotron. This being the only way we are able to watch the game, unless of course, we purchase the MLB package from Time Warner Cable.

Sidenote: Time Warner cable was required to blackout the Brewers game.

How is that MLB is able to claim these proprietary rights? Who ultimately pays for thse games? Who buys the tickets and the merchandise, and accepts higher tax rates to pay for new stadiums for pro teams? I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you. Can you repeat that?

The fans? Is that was you said? Because you are correct. The collective dollar of the fans is what holds up this league, and yet the fans are the ones kept from watching the games from the comfort of their own homes.

I'm annoyed. This fight over televising sporting events is crap. Televise the games. All of them. On basic cable. And shut up about it.

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