Friday, January 30, 2009

Single in the City: Taken

I saw Taken this afternoon. Ever since I saw the promos for the film (you know, with Liam Neeson going bada$$) I knew I wanted to see it. I've been in the mood for a kick butt thriller.

I first got used to going to the movies by myself when I lived in Europe. In America it's almost taboo to be seen in the theater or in a restaurant by yourself. The first week I was back in the States, I went to Old Chicago in Green Bay. The hostess looked at me like I was crazy when I told her I was eating lunch alone. I've been heading out the theater solo since I moved to Milwaukee. Most of my good friends are married, and so it's not only hard to find someone to go to the movies with all of the time, but it's also hard to find someone who wants to see the same films as I.

Hence me attending the 3pm show at Mayfair today.

I have two criticisms of Taken:
1. The Kid Rock National Guard commercial beforehand.
2. The girls in the film, who were preparing to follow U2 around Europe, which brings up two sub-criticisms:
a. These girls were supposed to be 17 and, if anything, they'd be following Beyonce around Europe.
b. The girls brought suitcases for their multiple city, summer long trip, and not backpacks.

Other than that it was your standard, guilty pleasure shoot 'em up thriller. I enjoyed it. Neeson was quite convincing as a vengeful father, and I was on his side the entire time. Even when he killed every Albanian in Paris, and one very important Sheik in his yacht on the Seine. All of this without consequences.

I give it a "sure if you like that sort of thing," two thumbs up.

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