Friday, January 23, 2009

Wall Street needs to relocate to Darfur

I came across this headline on MSN's website. I could barely bring myself to read the article because just the word "entitlement" in these economic times infuriates me. I get a helpless feeling when reading about former CEO's who ran their financial companies into the ground (along with the economy and helpless American's pensions), and yet still received multimillion dollar bonuses and severance packages. Probably because the words turn the part of my brain that depends on logic into mush.

If I hear "that's the way it was always done on Wall Street" one more time, I'm afraid my head will implode.

Wall Street and all of the narcissistic, greedy bankers who work there need to relocate to some third world slum for awhile. After they've seen what their million dollar monthly paychecks could do beyond buying seven vacation homes in the Caymen Islands, they can come back and work for a reasonable salary. You know who else works unbearably long hours R. Edward Freeman? Youth Program Coordinators in inner city nonprofits. Elderly citizens in former East Bloc countries where social security and pensions don't exist. Doctors in free clinics working in third world countries. And I don't see any of those people feeling "entitled to being rewarded" (para. 3).

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