Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Milwaukee's 99.1 Made my Night

Thank you 99.1 for including a session of call-in requests at 10:00 PM for my drive home. The following is a delicious exerpt of that portion of your broadcast that had me laughing aloud.

Host: Who's on your mind tonight?
Caller: My ex-fiance
Host: Oh, your "ex?" I'm sorry.
Caller: Yeah, we were together for seven years.
Host: Did she give you the boot?
Caller: Yeah. She wanted to explore more options and have more experiences.
Host: Wow, you were together for a long time. How old are you?
Caller: I'm 23. She's 21.
Host: you were together seven years?
Caller: Yeah.

Me: (Furiously doing math in my head) That's statutory rape!

Host: (crickets chirping)
Caller: (breathing)
Host: Well, I'm gonna play a song for you and I hope it makes you feel better.
Caller: Thank you.

The Song:

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