Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bar Trivia: One of Many Talents

It's a little known fact, but in addition to my general awesomeness I am pretty darn good at bar trivia. Not so good at Trivial Pursuit, but pretty excellent at bar trivia.

That being said, I hope I don't blow it tonight. Because the @MUCollegeofComm grad students and I are heading out to Whiskey Bar to play (and likely drink) a round.

We. Will. Dominate.


meghan said...

Oh dear! Were you "phoning a friend" when I missed your call?

Ms. Quarter said...

I couldn't find Whiskey Bar to save my life (who knew there were businesses on that side of Cathedral Square?) and I thought you'd be the perfect person to direct me seeing as how it's your hood. But then I found it.