Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Burger Battle Briefing

Everyone's talking about the burger battle taking place this week in Milwaukee between social media darling AJ Bomber's and old skool favorite Sobelman's. The Travel Channel's Food Wars is coming to the Cream City for the showdown, and I would be remiss as a Milwaukee-based blogger if I didn't mention it.

You can read about it all you want on JS Online, the Marquette Tribune, the Milwaukee Food blog, or by following the action on Twitter. Dig all you want, but here's what you really need to know:

Thursday - AJ Bomber's:
1241 N. Water St.
filming at 12:30 PM, bar open to the public

Friday - Sobelman's:
1900 W. Saint Paul Ave.
filming at 11:00 AM for lunch rush

Saturday - Switzerland:
1114 N. Water St.
filming at 11:30 AM for final judging
okay, so Bar Louie is not, technically, Switzerland, but they were picked as the neutral zone for the final tasting and judging

For more fun, take a look at this letter of surrender by Dave Sobelman to Joe Sorge (owner of AJ Bombers). And Mr. Sorge tearing up the letter on TMJ4 Live at Daybreak and offering an AJ Bomber's t-shirt as recompense.

Having only tasted the perfection of a Sobelman's burger, I cannot take a stance on this issue, however, the awesomeness of the Sobelman's burger was enhanced by their world-class bloody mary I chose to pair it with. And so, without the benefit of a bloody mary, I'm even more unsure as to where their burger will land in this battle.

I do have one pertinent question though, if Sobelman's loses will they have to change their URL?

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