Thursday, November 4, 2010

I'm Sorry, @RussFeingold...

Dear Former Senator Feingold,

I'm sorry about what happened on Tuesday, though my condolences are not just for you, but also for Wisconsin. We lost a great public servant this week, and I can only hope more people come to realize this.

I'm sorry that Ron Johnson called you a career politician. That must've been the worst sort of insult to you. I think Senator-elect Johnson was referring to the "good ol' boys" club-like atmosphere in Washington that the rest of this country despises. I presume he was referring to politicians who use their power to get things like $50 million for an indoor rainforest (Note: this happens on both sides of the aisle, and, yes, needs to be reigned in). I can't believe he was referring to a politician who happens to be a 3-term incumbent, yet who's record, time and again, shows in favor of citizen rights.

Most of all I'm sorry that so many people judged you solely on how many years you've been in Washington served Wisconsin, and not the actual record of what you've done for this state and this country - often against your own party, or, at the very least, against those good ol' boys.

I'm not sorry that you have that oh-so-horrible "D" behind your name, but I am sorry that it was used against you. If there's one thing you've done in your time in D.C. it's to work on behalf of your constituents, and NOT to just always be blindly in favor with your party.

I thank you for your service. I didn't know a lot about you before this election, but as I learned more and dug deeper than those 30-second TV ads, I was more than pleasantly surprised.

It speaks volumes that every major newspaper in this state endorsed you, even if they also endorsed Scott Walker.

It speaks volumes that you were the only politician to vote against The Patriot Act - going against a dangerous political trend to be the only Senator to have our backs.

It speaks volumes that you often proposed ammendments to legislation even though you knew they wouldn't have a chance - merely because you understood how important it is to at least have the argument on record.

It speaks volumes that you went against your own party to vote against TARP - the bank bailouts, which is only one example of how you were the original "Maverick," never kowtowing to your party line.

And it speaks volumes that not just you, but your entire staff (led by your inspiration, I presume), where diligent in upholding Nancy Pelosi's Ethics Pledge, even when some of your peers - on both sides of aisle - were not.

This brings me to my last apology. I'm sorry, mostly for this state, that all of the above, quite frankly, didn't get spoken in such volume during your campaign. Please run again in the future. But next time, please make sure the people of Wisconsin know all that you've done for us.

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