Friday, November 19, 2010

A Play-by-Play of Lunch at @EateryonFarwell

As you know from my previous post, I enjoyed a free lunch at Eatery on Farwell yesterday. I had never been there before, shame on me, and, of course, I don’t have a Smartphone so was unable to provide a Tweetathon during the momentous event.

Here’s the play by play as I remember it:

For your typical written in long-form write-up, see my review on Yelp! - 1st to review, baby!

1:04 PM Pull up to Eatery on Farwell and demonstrate a perfectly turned out parallel park. You’re welcome, traffic behind me on Farwell, for the excellent driver’s ed demo.

1:07 PM Enter Eatery on Farwell and speak to pleasurable host, slipping it in that I’m their version of the Miss America First Runner Up

1:10 PM Seated near window for maximum people watching entertainment

1:11 PM Sadly, and with great regret, decline the Bloody Mary. Must save drinking for off hours. Diet coke it is.

1:15 PM Why does fountain soda taste so much better than canned soda?

1:16 PM *sip* Ahhhhh…..

1:20 PM Peruse menu. Salads, brunch, should I do brinner? Sandwic…..huh? Avocado aioli?!??!

1:23 PM Order “The Farwell” (BLT with jalapeno bacon, smoked turkey, tomato, lettuce, and, yep, avocado aioli)

1:27 PM Side? I get a side? Veggie chips, yes please

1:29 PM Get out “Single Diner Props,” and write article for work as I wait for food

1:36 PM Geez, that was fast! I only got to third paragraph, and now must eat whilst I’m on a literary roll.

1:38 PM Take first bite

1:38 PM (and 2 seconds) Holy crap….

1:39 PM Mmm….spice….

Back to writing…
1:40 PM Nope, that second quote should go after (grabs chip) the first para….

1:40 PM (and 15 seconds) Woah, don’t you just love extra crunchy chips?

1:48 PM Choices, choices, choices…lick the avocado off my fingers or go for the second half of my sandwich?

1:48 PM (and 20 seconds) How the heck am I gonna eat the second half of my sandwich?

1:48 PM
(and 25 seconds) I’m no quitter

1:55 PM Uncle!

Needless to say I highly recommend The Farwell and, by extension, the Eatery on Farwell. They offer unique twists and flavor combinations on your tried and true pub fare – surely a crowd pleaser for even the most “meat and potatoes” Wisconsinite. Try ‘em yourselves…

Eatery on Farwell
2014 N. Farwell Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53212

I hear their Bloodies are tremendous, and absolutely must get back there in the next week or so to try ‘em (think they’ll splash a little Rehorst Gin on top for me?). Hit me up if you wanna join me for a taste test of their Happy Hour…

Monday – Friday, 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM
$5 Rehorst Mixers
$3 Lakefront
$2 Miller, Schlitz, PBR

Yes, I memorized their Happy Hour menu. Bite me.


Dave said...

We are so pleased that you enjoyed yourself at The Eatery On Farwell! It was a pleasure having you. Thank you kindly for the play-by-play and shining Yelp review, it's greatly appreciated!

We can't wait to have you back for Milwaukee's best Bloody :)

- Dave @ The Eatery On Farwell

Ms. Quarter said...

I have Bloody high

high Bloody standards?


While I can't properly convey the sentiment without sounding like a cursing Brit, I look forward to sampling Milwaukee's

Not the beer, but you know what I mean.

Dan said...

The Farwell sounds awesome. It's right up my culinary alley.