Friday, February 11, 2011

VD "Dislike"

Here I thought I was doing so well.

What with the Packers winning the Super Bowl last week.

And the Iron Cupcake Challenge this weekend.

I just didn't have time to hate VD (Valentine's Day) as much as I used to...or, really, as early as I used to.

Until I saw this.

And this.

You should be ashamed of yourselves, MSN Glo. First, for copy-catting Yahoo Shine. Second, for giving the okay to use the word "boo" in reference to a significant other in that article's intro.


And you, Today're not off the hook. While you have nothing to be ashamed of, per se, adding "-licious" to the end of a word is, oh, so 2002. Also, I certainly don't appreciate you bringing it to my attention that some people on Facebook make profiles for their coupledom.

I think we can all agree that the shame, in this instance, goes to those couples.

Seriously? You want to make a fan page for your relationship? Sure, you "have" to go the fan page route because FB doesn't let you create an actual profile for two people, but you then have the audacity to join an actual Facebook group to encourage the Powers that Be to allow this?


I do give the MSN article credit for at least, in some small way, discouraging folks from doing this, but c'mon.

Fan pages for relationships. Asking your friends to 'Like' your relationship. Posting on your relationship's wall. Creating events for your relationship.

You've gone too far.

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