Friday, December 2, 2005

A Small Phototastic Treat

Captions Follow the Photos...

This was the view from my hotel room/closet at Stary Smokovec where we Central Europe missionaries had our Fall Retreat. Yeah, we weren't spoiled or anything...but if it makes you feel better I really was in a closet. A nice closet to be sure, but regardless of how nice the room was I couldn't help but notice that my door refused to open fully because it obstinately kept banging into my bed mid-swing.

The sweet sweet sounds of church service in English, oh, how I love thee. This delectable auditory-gasm was held Thanksgiving weekend in Blava. It was wonderful. The church was standing room only (we ELCA and LCMS missionaries were only partly to blame).

Yes, mom this is the Bishop of Slovakia eating my Raspberry Dessert. I admit the name of said dessert is sadly lacking in the flashiness department, but it certainly makes up for it in the tastiness factor. Yummo. But, um, tip to the wise: if you have to go to the lavatory whilst the graham cracker crust is browning in the oven, hold off at all costs!

Here are the 2 factions united as one for the purpose of gorging themselves on turkey and mashed potatoes. That's right, ELCA and LCMS came together to partake of a glorious Thanksgiving meal. It was perfect and we all dutifully ate our body weight in fixin's.

This is a pic of some of us LCMS folk enjoying the Blava Christmas Market. Well, we were enjoying the market about 30 minutes before this Kodak moment took place. Turns out it's pretty cold in Bratislava this time of year and our bodies needed a break. So we hopped into this adorable coffeehouse and had ourselves some delicious melted fudge, er, hot chocolate.


Chris Carter said... you cater. I sure would like some of that raspberry crisp sent to Panama, maybe you could send it along with your Christmas gifts and I could be your trail time package person. With the bishop eating it, I am sure it was yummy.

Mandi said...

I saw a Twinings tea explosion at Tesco today and I thought of you. Originally I thought of sending you some, but I'm just too lazy and scared to try and figure out how to send packages through the Hungarian Posta. But it's the thought that counts