Friday, December 2, 2005

The Dude Abides

Wanna know the way to a girl's heart? Give her the keys to the computer room and the laundry room. That's right, folks. My new best friend (or maybe the best friend who keeps proving himself) is the wonderful Grandpa-like porter here at the Kollegium. Unfortunately, he speaks no English and I speak no Hungarian (that's right...I'm a "No Speaka"), but we get along wonderfully. He gives me chocolate I give him chocolate. He gives me the keys to my favorite places and I give him a big smile. Seems rather stingy on my part...perhaps I will buy him a little present for Christmas.

Also, I recieved a few Christmas packages this weekend and they sure were a delight to lug through the teacher's room! Oh, if you could only see the faces of curiosity and delight mixed with a tinge of jealousy as I artfully balanced the boxes on my desk. It was great. Even better were the goodies inside said packages. I got 2 of my favorite movies (White Christmas and Big Lebowski) and I got a bunch of fun games and candy. Go me. Thank you Santa Claus (and Dad and Laura of course). :-) Totally made my week!

Tonight the Christmas Market starts here in Sopron. I'm super excited and I don't know why. Perhaps because it'll be something to do (after I'm finished watching The Big Lebowski of course). I'm already in the process of writing Christmas cards and hopefully I can send those out next week. I have some gift ideas, but we'll see how sending packages from Hungary goes. I have my doubts...

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