Tuesday, December 6, 2005

December: The Month of Easy Lessons

I say easy because I've been using the theme of Christmas every day...there are oh, so many ways to teach English using Christmas. I love it!

This week I'm using the season to teach the students about Charity and Giving. We're making Christmas cards that I'm going to send back to the churches at home...hopefully they can get them to nursing homes or to people who don't have any family. A little Holiday cheer from the students at Berzsenyi. Actually, the charity lesson is really just my cop out way of having an arts n crafts time with the students. It's fun.

Next week we're doing Christmas music. I'm thinking Twelve Days of Christmas and then we can learn about the real meaning of that song. It's pretty interesting...

PS - The younger students at school were selling cookies yesterday (the signs were written in English) and instead of saying "Bake Sale" they said "Cookie Action." All of the Angol teachers were giggling and then I tried to explain that, well, it could possibly be taken as slang...as in, "Man, I need to get me some of that cookie action!" But whatever. Needless to say I had them rolling on the floor laughing as I was trying to explain the intricacies of English slang. It was a good time.

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Chris Carter said...

ohh slang...I can only imagine. I had to try to explain the whole wazzzzzzzzzzzup phenominon to my students...I can only imagine.