Sunday, February 5, 2006

Berzsenyi Ball

Ah, the biggest event of the year! Well, minus graduation, that is. But really the Ball is one of the biggest events of the year (at least that's how I see it seeing as how the American is actually invited to it, except for this year the American was not invited, a point about which I will try not to be bitter). Anyway I got past it and had one of the funnest nights I've had since coming to Sopron. Thank God Jenny was here otherwise I probably would not have gone, seeing as how I wasn't invited...bygones. But all of the students were delighted to see me there and I was asked numerous times to shake my bon bon with them on the dance floor, a request to which I happily obliged. I was trigger happy with my camera and now wish to share with you a whirlwind tour of the evening. (captions follow pictures)

There were 4 bands slated to play during the Ball and in between each set the senior class came in and performed traditional Hungarian dancing. Almost all of them are my students and it was fun to watch them. It's a very big deal to volunteer to perform these dances...a great honor for the students.

More of the traditional dancing. I was on the floor for this one with front row seats, to which I am eternally grateful as the view provided a most opportune Kodak moment

Ah, a flourishing end!

Jenny, Fruzsi (or was is Zsuzsi? I'm afraid I still can't tell the twins apart), and Fanni gettin' their groove on American style (and by American style I mean there were about 15 girls in one big circle wavin' our hands in the air like we just didn't care).

My first dance of the evening. Barbi said I was the best dancer, but she also admitted that she hadn't really danced with many other people at this point and so could not be an experienced judge. Nevertheless I will still take the title.

For the last set break, the seniors performed a modern dance. Each year they get to choose what they want to dance (past years have been the Dirty Dancing Mambo, Grease, etc). This year was awesome and, if anything, it looked like it was great fun to perform.

The dance incorporated many styles. i saw swing, a little shag-like dance, and this...a spin on the line dance.

These are some of my students performing in the last band, a jazz band. They were unbelievably good. The Ball was so much better than any American prom I've ever been too and a good part of it was the music. No two-bit DJs for them.

Just look at all the students dancing! Definitely a tribute to the good music. I don't remember this many people having a good time at my High School dances...then again, most of the were "too cool" to do anything as silly as having a good time dancing.

After the dance my students invited me to the Disco. The Ball lasted until 1 a.m. and the Disco closed at 4 a.m. I figured it would be a good excuse to go and experience a Hungarian disco seeing as how another English teacher was partaking of the festivity. Almost the entire school ended up there, which was pretty awesome. I remember the heirarchy of afterparties my school enjoyed after prom and they just don't compare to everyone boogie-ing down at a disco. I envy the students their closeness of relationships with one another. Makes me wish my school had been the same.


Rachel said...

I am so glad you had a great time, even if they didn't give you an invitation like you deserved. By the way, I like your dress :)

Rosie said...

Mandi--these pics are awesome. I've been neglecting the blog world for awhile, but I'm glad I found my way back to yours. Hope you're doin well! Never forget what we learned from our orientation hero (Piglet)!