Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I'm not a Loser!!!

CAUTION: Incoming Satire

Yay! Bird flu (or madarinfluenza if you're Hungarian) has made it to Hungary!!!

I was starting to feel left out. We were surrounded, but now that finicky virus has seen fit to make a home in Magyarorszag's feathered population. I was starting to feel like the proverbial fat kid who always gets picked last for kickball.

On a related topic: I was watching clips of The Daily Show on Comedy Central's website because I need to take a hit of Stephen Colbert, Rob Courddry, and Jon Stewart every so often (doctor's orders). Rob made a startling report on President Bush's speech about the threat of a Bird Flu outbreak...

It seems that President Bush says the biggest threat is if the virus spreads from bird to human and then from human to human. That pesky human to human connection is really what has everyone's undies in a twist. So Mr. Corddry reports, that Mr. Bush recommends, that IF you do get infected, instead of risking the infection of other humans...give the virus back to the birds. Beat them at their own game so to speak. And in this way, the vicious virus circle will be complete.

Also, did you know the virus H-5N1 was named after the man who discovered the strain, Dr. Aitch-Fyvenwonn? Interesting little tidbit of information for you there...

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