Monday, February 20, 2006

Impromptu Dance Party?

What the...??? So there's a dance party in the kollegium's dining hall tonight? Did I miss something? (the obvious answer to that would be a resounding "yes." Yes, I did miss something...that large sign on the bulletin board written in Hungarian. That's what I missed)

In other news: I just went through my Yahoo! address book and deleted all "acquaintances" aka: people I haven't spoken to in over 12 months. It felt like I was cutting off a limb. Before the house-cleaning I could make believe that I might, one day, make some sort of contact with these people. You know, renew friendships, etc. Really, I was just sick of scrolling through all the names when trying to write emails to people. I mean really, when will I ever email these people? If I ever have contact with them it'll be a chance meeting face to face at a High School, Camp, or College reunion (you now know where I met most of these people). But I suppose some people are meant to come into your life for only a short period of time, they help mold and change you, and then they move on.

Now I'm rambling. Actually, now that I think about it, the whole post is one big ramble. Sorry 'bout that folks. It's that time of night...

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