Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hungary: Land of My...

...well, certainly not "forefathers," but that title sounded so nice and ostentatious.

I am currently in Aszod, Hungary, yesterday I was in Sopron, Hungary, and the day before that I was in Vienna. Life is good.

I am visiting old haunts and great friends in Eastern Europe before I head down to Italy for the summer. I can't convey how much I've missed it here, being back it has taken no time to jump right back in to living the Hungarian life...including trying (poorly) to speak what little Hungarian I can (i.e. not much).

Soproni beer. Paprika chio chips. Palacsinta. Gesztenye Puree. Nescafe. I am doing as much as I can to eat and drink my weight in delicious Hungarian treats. I have 15 pounds of luggage weight to fill, and plan on doing so with wine and beer, in addition to what I may ship back to the States.

Gotta run. Store only open from 9-12 on's surprising it's open at all!

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