Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tomorrow MKE becomes Gokewaukee

I've been trying to put off this post. Unfortunately, and for reasons unknown so say some comrades who watch American Idol, Danny Gokey, Milwaukee's own, is becoming quite the prospective finalist for Idol. I'll let them explain their stance, to which I adhere. Afterall, they are more articulate.

However, due to Gokey Day tomorrow in Milwaukee, I feel the need to roll my eyes via the Internets. I've never watched a full episode of Idol. Sure, I've caught snippets here and there, and read some press and know the general format of the show. For the sake of full disclosure, I must admit that I love the Slovak and Hungarian versions, Megasztar, but I'll defend myself because those versions actually include contestants with talent and judges who know what they're talking about, not to mention where they are on any given night (I'm talking to you Abdul).

Milwaukeeans have been freakin' flipping their lids for this guy since day one. Tweeps have been all a-twitter, bloggers have been all a-blogging, and the local news stations have been all but foaming at the mouth for a chance to claim a piece of this national stage.

Tomorrow there will be a parade. The Gokemeister will perform a mini-concert for his worshippers, and he will get free entrance to the hottest show in town - the Brewer's Cubbie's game - for the low, low price of squawking out the national anthem.

As my comrade put it - did CC Sabbathia get a parade when he pitched his balls off last season and was instrumental in getting the crew to the playoffs? Did Waukesha'sErin Lobdell, of Survivor, get a parade for being a finalist this season?

What's the big deal with Gokey?

I have no clue, and so I am escaping Milwaukee before it becomes CrazyTown for safer, and saner, climes.

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Evan said...

I support and share in your lack of giving a shit.