Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Marquette Continues to Up it's Coolness Quotient

FLASH-mob: noun, a large number of seeming strangers performing a choreographed act in a public place then immediately dispersing from whence they came.

Today an event happened that I have not seen the likes of since my undergraduate days at the University of Minnesota many moons ago. I was but a young lass, a sophomore, when walking across the mall in front of Northrup, a girl started singing. A boy joined in, and they fell in love as students around them danced and sang as one large broadway-esque chorus. The love story ended on a stirring crescendo as the players dispersed and went on their merry ways.

I later learned this production was the heroine's final project for theater class that semester. Her professor was surreptitiously grading her from the steps of a nearby building. A+, girl, A+.

Today in the central mall at Marquette University, a similar number was performed for passersby.

Members of the graduating class showing visiting prospective students just how fun MU can be, and saying a raucous goodbye to their classmates. Lovely.

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