Friday, April 24, 2009

I didn't forget about you, Internets

Hello Dear Reader. Lately I've been sucking at this posting business. I apologize. Let's just say the last two weeks of school are mayhem.

To summarize the happenings of my life as of late:

My first year of graduate school will be finished next week. Obviously by this post you can see that I am assiduously working on the final project and paper I have due early next week.

Only 26 days left until I am in Europe. On May 20th I fly out to Hungary, and then will meander down to Rome, Italy for a summer class with my faculty advisor. Mere numerals cannot encapsulate the amount of Soproni, Tokaj, Kekfrankos, and Borolo I will drink in the duration of my stay.

I will quite possibly be dividing my time during the months of July and August between Milwaukee and Green Bay. I foresee a lot of commuting, but a good chance of a job opportunity post graduation as the result of said commuting.

I must study. And so, with this brief recap I leave you. Please stay tuned as more frequent updates will commence once next week ends.

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