Monday, April 27, 2009

Pork, the other flu virus

I'm leaving the country in 3 weeks. The new swine flu business better not hinder my plans.

Right now, airlines and airports are taking charge, issuing warnings, and taking precautions with plans carrying passengers who exhibit flu-like symptoms. Read more here.

I will do whatever you want when I land in London, British Airways. Take a blood sample, have me cough into a breathalyzer that detects the flu virus, whatever you want. Just let me go to Hungary.

Also, if you read the story linked above you will read about LAX installing hand sanitizer dispensers throughout each terminal. My question is, why antibacterial sanitizer? Flu is a virus.


YFS said...

The article didn't say antibacterial. The alcohol in the sanitizer and the friction of rubbing your hands together is what helps kill the viruses. Sorry I'm at work and I couldn't resist responding. Love ya and Ethan misses you!

Ms. Quarter said...

Aha. With so many pandemic illnesses around it's hard to keep track of which ones are viruses and which ones are bacterial and which ones are preventative and which ones leave you SOL.

PS - I tole Ethan to have Grandma and Grandpa bring him down, but I guess they didn't bite.