Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Progressive Dinner in Hungary

Location: Sopron, Hungary
Time: 22:26

I just got back from English Club at the Púskás on Várkerület. It was the perfect opportunity to meet up with more friends, and before English Club I had tea with Harriet and a delightful Danish lady at the Liszt Salon. I taught her the term "progressive dinner" as we continued our visit at English Club.

Needless to say, a WC was in need before the evening was finished.

When I used to live here, English Club in Sopron every Wednesday night was often the highlight of my week. People from several nations who just happened to be in Sopron gathered together for beer and English conversation.

Tonight we had three Hungarians, three Americans, one Austrian, one Dane, one Canadian, and one unidentified male (we were sitting at different tables and so I didn't get a chance to speak with him). There was also a Frenchman at the Púskás enjoying dinner. While we invited him to join us, he declined to instead watch Manchester United battle Barcelona in the Champion's League.

Two great things happened at English Club.

First, I killed with this joke (thank you, Rachel):

Second, I learned that if you speak a little of the local language the restaurant will charge you local prices. This could also be filed under the category of, "You know you've graduated past the point of being a tourist when..."

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