Thursday, April 22, 2010

Driving in Milwaukee

Today a woman following me in traffic was putting on her makeup while she was driving. At 1 p.m. (I won't go into my theory about why she needed to refresh her makeup after her mid-afternoon, lunch break).

I was going 27 miles per hour in a school zone (no kiddies were present, don't worry), and stopped at all of the stop signs.

Every time I stopped she gave me the finger.

Yes, I was looking in my rearview from time to time. It's common knowledge that people who are putting on freakin' makeup while they are driving are not the most attentive drivers. I was paying attention for her in case her front end got scarily close to my rear end.

It's called defensive driving.

And as I was the one obeying traffic laws, I'm not sure what the finger was all about.

She gave it to me, again, when we were on the ramp to the highway. I couldn't accelerate very quickly because there was a garbage truck in my grill.

Well, not in my grill, but at least 10 feet in front of me. My acceleration was dictated by his ability to shift gears.

She then sped up and pulled in the lane in front of me.

Just to show me she could.

Then she realized she was in the wrong lane for her exit and veered across the highway.

Seems mascara is distracting.


Laura said...

It kind of reminds me of that woman on Friday night who was making gestures at ME because I was going straight through the (green light) intersection and she seemed to think I should stop and let her left turn in front of me.

Also, if she was applying makeup at 1 pm, then she was having a nooner...too early for a midafternoon delight.

Ms. Quarter said...

Well, I'm not married so I'm not down with the quickie lingo.