Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cream City Cuisine Has Arrived!

That's right folks, (@CCCuisine) is ready for your cooking pleasure.

Jess (@JPrim), Evan (@EvanOnline) and I (@MsQuarter) have been cooking together for over 8 years and it only now occurred to us that we should start a blog and share our recipes. After all, our retirement plan includes opening a restaurant together in Door County, WI, and why shouldn't we get started now on working out the kinks of the menu?

So I urge you to visit the website. We're specializing in dishes that make Wisconsin products the star. More often than not these star products are of the adult beverage variety, but every so often we will segue into cheese, meats, produce, and the like. We might even take a foray into cooking with regional or international adult beverages. You'll just have to follow us and find out.

Our blog not only includes recipes, but also product descriptions of the ingredients and utensils we cook with. Because what you cook is a result of the products you use - both edible and culinary.

So be sure to visit us at If you've ever wished you ate like us, now you can!

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