Monday, June 28, 2010

Summerfest Shenanigans

This blog would be remiss without a post on Summerfest, the World's Largest Music Festival and it just so happens that this author has a lot to say after her visit.

The night included Dan Rodriguez, Gavin DeGraw, and Skillet. Well, I didn't really "see" Gavin DeGraw as there were hundreds of teens obstructing the view. But my friend and I did sit at a picnic table far from the stage, eating Chipotle and listening to him play. You know, a little secret of live concerts...the music sounds way better from far away. Up close we could only hear drums and bass, but when we sat down far from the speakers, we could hear a better mix.

Another secret of live music is that smaller shows are always better than large shows unless fire is involved. Enter Dan Rodriguez and Skillet.

Rodriguez was a very entertaining singer/songwriter from Minneapolis who entertained the crowd with his acoustic covers of Single Ladies and Hey Ya. Part comedian, part guitar playing lothario, he really lives up to his mission statement, "make love and music," inviting audience members to become applicants for a make-out session on the SkyGlide whilst singing a song with no second verse.


While Rodriguez won over the intimate setting, Skillet lived it up on the CoolTV stage. By the by, can anyone tell me who used to sponsor that stage? It slipped my mind and is making me crazy...

Skillet's show was everything the 10 o'clock rock spot should be and then some. The "then some" being pyrotechnics. A long-time fan of the band, I was excited to see them live but did not expect to be blown out of my seat, er, standing position as it were. Not only were the folks on electric violin and cello raised and lowered on hydraulic lifts during the performance, a variety of shooting fireballs and giant spinning sparklers turned the concert into a pyromaniacs wet dream. Luckily, no permanent blazes ensued.

The eventful evening commenced with a potential t-shirt making business utilizing the following slogans all overheard and experienced at Milwaukee's greatest festival:

I Survived the Summerfest Bathrooms

I Want to Sex You Up Like a Chocolate-Covered Strawberry

A'hoy Matey (this would include a graphic of a swashbuckling concert crowd in eye patches, all high-fiving each other)

Oh, Milwaukee, your strange ways and even stranger people never fail to make my day.

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