Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Where has the etiquette gone? A Philosophical Soliloquy

Oh, we job seekers are a pathetic lot.

We try to keep up our spirits after 6 months of sending resumes out into the abyss.

We develop elaborate schemes to capture the attention of would-be employers.

We wait, wait, and wait some more for any scrap of indication whether we have been shucked to the side or chosen for that rarest of all modern day events: the job interview.

And we do all of this with rarely any contact from the thousands of potential employers we've reached out to, after having spent precious time crafting a cover letter and resume - no small feat.

Oh, sometimes we spy the unicorn - a generic mail-merged letter or email telling us we've failed. But even these mythical beings are fast becoming extinct.

Instead, we poor, defenseless job seekers are left in our very own purgatory of permanent suspense, never knowing what it is we did that landed us in this state.

We realize it is a buyer's market out there, that there are so many more of us than there are jobs for us to fill. And yet each resume we send out, each cover letter we carefully craft, we imagine ourselves in the position for which we are applying. We think maybe this time will the one that will end it all, this fruitless searching, forever waiting.

The silence fades our hope.

The lack of contact - even if that contact is a rejection - kills our optimism.

Because though the waiting may damage our armor, it is the lack of any response that lands the harshest blow.

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