Friday, August 6, 2010

Social Media, Social Repetition, Social Apathy?

I'm going through a non-Internet phase in my that I have no Internet. Why pay $50 a month just to provide myself with another distraction I don't need?

Not to mention being connected 24/7 has never sounded attractive to me - have people bother me all of the time? No way!

Lately this has extended to this blog (as if you haven't noticed) and Twitter.

Does anyone really care what I'm doing/thinking/saying?

Do I really want to keep writing in first person?

Am I growing out of my narcissism?

This is where I currently am with the blog. Mayhap I will envision a new direction for this little space of the Internets and become more regular about my posting. If you have any ideas, please, let me know. And don't say Metamucil; I realize the phrasing in that last sentence sounded a bit off.

And Twitter.

I've come to be a little cynical and suspicious of Twitter as of late. Is it really just people who know each other in real life carrying on a conversation? Do all of those @ replies really just represent a sham of what should be friends texting each other, and in no way are related to strangers networking, information sharing, or gaining/losing popularity?

I wonder sometimes.

Maybe I'm following the wrong people and my data is skewed.

Regardless, this is where I stand on the whole social media thing right now, at least for personal use. There's a cynical side of me that thinks it's all a repetition of what could be conducted via phone, text, or in-person, and there's an apathetic side of me that wonders, really, what am I bringing to the table with status updates and blog posts that tell everyone what they probably already know?

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