Thursday, November 10, 2011


Today, I opened my Spam Mail folder and found this message:
Re: Your Payment Directive..

Attention: Beneficiary,

This is to inform you that the United Nations auditors are presently in Nigeria suppervising all contract payments, inherited and winning funds that originated from Africa.

Your names/email address appeared in the central computer among the unpaid beneficiaries that have not received their payment due to one reason or the other.
After the United Nations meeting with the Nigerian government, a part payment of US$1.5million was approved to all fund beneficiaries which you are among. The United Nations have instructed the Nigerian government to release your approved US$1.5million via ATM card for easy delivery to you. The only fee you shall pay to receive your US$1.5million ATM card in your possession is the courier fee of US$98.00 only.

Your ATM card authorization documents has been handed over to Mrs. Laura George of the United Nations, she shall facilitate the delivery of your ATM card payment to you but before she can release the $1.5million ATM card payment to you, you have to reconfirm the following information's to her so as to ensure her that she is dealing with the right person:

1. Your Full Names, 2. Residential Address,3. Age, 4. Occupation, and 5. Direct Telephone Numbers.

After her verification of the information with what she have on file, she shall contact you with information's on how to send the courier fee for the delivery of your US$1.5million ATM card to you.

You are to forward the requested information's to Mrs. Laura George with her below contact.

Here is Mrs. Laura's contact info:

Contact person: Mrs. Laura George (United Nations Oversight Agent)
His email: ( )

Do let us know once you receive your US$1.5million inheritance payment from Mrs. Laura for the updating of our record.

Yours faithfully .

Jenet Michael.
Payment Coordinator.


The "suppervisor" has my "names" as a beneficiary?!?!

But why, if the money is going to be sent to my ATM card, is there a courier fee? There's no courier-ing involved. It doesn't cost $98.00 to move money through digital space.

Hm, maybe this is a scam.

I see they want me to send the "information's" to them via Mrs. Laura George at the United Nations.

Hm, I never trust anyone with two first names...

They want my full names, and, after I give them the "information's" they will match it to what Laura "have" on file.

Know what's funny? Mrs. Laura George, who works for the United Nations, doesn't have a United Nations email address.

I didn't know the United Nations was so strapped for cash that they couldn't set up their own server and URL.

These government austerity measures are really wreaking havoc on Nigerian money scams...

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