Wednesday, November 23, 2011

On Giving Thanks

This Thanksgiving season was looking pretty bleak, and then I realized that "bleak" on the Mandi Scale is still "quite okay" on everyone else's scale. I then put on my big girl pants and forced myself to be thankful for the blessings in my life, because, quite frankly, I'm very blessed.

And so are you.

And that's why we should give thanks.

I mean, what would happen if you woke up every morning only with those things you had thanked God for the night before?

Positivity is a conscious choice. That's something I learned this year; you can choose to be positive which then, given enough time and repetition, can actually make you positive.

So with that I'm introducing...
Giving Thanks: 2011 Blessings, Mandi Style

1. The Packers are 10-0 - *discount double check*

2. Girl's Gotta Brand New Job - and I get to go zip lining this weekend for it

3. Family - Yeah, I got 'em, but they're also awesome. So there.

4. Friends - My friends increased by one this year when baby Gabby was born. I should probably file this under "family"

5. New Perspective - I just finished reading "Heaven is for Real" which gave me a different perspective on life. I highly recommend it.

6. Health - I'm healthy. I'm not yet due for my obligatory "once every 5 years" flu, so that's good

7. Marathons - Did my first half in July and doing my first marathon in January. "Avoid the Lap" - Jimmy Dugan

8. Hybrids - It's a good thing I've got that Prius seeing as how I'll be commuting every morning now

9. Tweeps - I had the chance to meet dozens of new Twitter friends at #ThrowbackWeekend this year, which was the bomb. diggity.

10. Using "Bomb diggity" in a sentence

11. The League - That stuff makes me laugh until I cry

12. Lakefront Brewery - If it weren't for Lakefront, we wouldn't have Lakefront Pumpkin Lager and then where would we be?

13. Kittehs - By investing in a small, living, white, furry space heater early last year I've been able to save on heating. However, all savings have been nullified by lint roller costs.

14. Hot water - 'nuff said

I may add more stuff over the Thanksgiving holiday as I think of it, but that's what I'm most thankful for at the moment.

What will you be giving thanks for tomorrow?

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