Sunday, April 9, 2006

Holy Mayhem and Praise Be to God

To give you a little perspective...

An old friend of mine is a missionary in Western Europe. He was asked to go to a prayer meeting at a local church and pray for the anti-abortion movement in his country. What he didn't know is that there were 300 protesters outside the church and riot police separating the mob from the 30 people praying. After quite a lot of tension build-up the police told the group they were leaving and wouldn't protect them anymore. Instead of leaving, the faithful persecuted congregated to the back of the church building and continued to pray, this time including the hearts of the angry mob in their petitions. Shortly thereafter my friend left with his teammate and sidled around to one side of the church to see if the crowd was still there. The two were then surrounded by 10 angry pro-choice protesters and accosted. Luckily, no one was hurt beyond a blow to the eye. My friend said that even with that, he never felt any fear nor did he feel any aggression or anger toward his attackers.

All I can say is Thank God no one was seriously hurt...during this altercation and during the entire prayer session. Please pray that God be with this pro-life movement in France and be with those who have so much anger and hatred as a result of their feelings and beliefs about this issue. As my friend said, these people were just protesting for something they believe in, but I pray mightily that God reveal the truth to their hearts. I pray that, if they are protesting based on their feelings rather than the facts of the issue, then I hope that they become educated about abortion. It's more than just a matter of "woman's choice." It's a matter of humanity.

If you don't know my opinion on this subject, then please know now that I find abortion disgusting and cruel. There is no situation bigger than our God and therefore there is no reason why anyone should kill a helpless child (yes, child not fetus). There is plenty of literature out there on how abortions are performed, what happens to the child, how you can know you're killing a child and not a "fetus" and so forth. I know many people feel differently, especially when unwanted pregnancies come from the cruelest of situations, but I still believe that my God is loving, that He is just, and that He knows what He's doing everytime when He creates that miracle of life and I don't believe it's our place to tell Him he was wrong.

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