Friday, April 7, 2006

Save the Empire!

From the Eurasia Volunteer Coordinator:

"Be wise; be cautious; stay alive. Don't pick up any dead birds; stay out of Hungary, France and Monaco. If you live in Hungary, stay away from political rallies and their attendant bomb threats."

What if there's one right outside my door? And I mean that literally. Right. Outside. My. Door. Come Sunday morning when I walk out my door, the chances of me slamming it into an Hungarian voter are 10 to 1. The kollegium (where I happen to live) was chosen as a voting establishment for the first round of elections and the only room big enough that's accessible to all the little old men and women who can't walk up 4 flights of stairs is the TV Szoba directly across the hall from my apartment. Actually, you can't really call it "across the hall" it's more like "the other side of the alcove." Neato.

In other news: Got a message from the Posta. They're holding my video camera hostage for $100 even though my parents sent it to me as a gift. I went to the Post Office to pick it up and they tell me it's in Budapest. So not only are they demanding a ransom, they're making me come to their turf to make the hand-off. Jerkstores.

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Chris Carter said...

man thoses posties really know how to ruin a Christmas I had to open all my gifts in front of the whole anticipating crowd behind the counter at the post office. After assuring that no one did infact gift me marijuana, not to mention me having a mental breakdown, he smiled and said, Have a Happy Holidays! Jerkface.

And oh yeah, the tourage...not thinking a bad idea to get some extra moneyage.