Friday, April 28, 2006

Just when you think you've got it all figured out...

...something changes.

Do you ever feel that you have so much to say that you have nothing to say? Here's a rundown of the last week:

Saturday: went to the Tiergarten with Marina and her kids. In true Harry Potter fashion, we were accosted by a snake nonchalantly traveling across the wooded path. Totally a harmless snake, but a snake nonetheless.

Monday: Jenny arrived and much chaos ensued

Tuesday: Diaknap (Student's Day) at the school. A day full of fun programs for the kids. Jenny tells me that every year they ask the American to play on the teacher's basketball team during the Senior/Teacher match, but this year they didn't. No, correction...they did, but they asked Jenny instead of me. Please, let the delight of Jenny visiting start as soon as possible (and by "delight" I mean "Mandi fading even further into the background")

Tuesday: My videocamera FINALLY arrived and I had to run around Sopron in my sandals looking for an ATM machine that worked whilst Mr. Postás waited in the Tanáriszóba for me (I had to pay an outrageous amount of money to the customs office) *sigh* Oh, but I did get to make a giant fool of myself (along with other teachers) during the special teacher's program on Diaknap. We did a little impromtu dancing, complete with lifts (circa 1985 a lá Dirty Dancing)

Wednesday: English Club, same old same old

Thursday: The first Szerenad by 12C. Every year the senior classes go around to the teacher's homes and serenade them as a way of saying goodbye. If one of the students lives at the kollégium they also come to say goodbye to everyone there. So they came at 9 pm (naturally, I didn't know about it until Jenny knocked on my door and asked if I wanted to come watch) and all the lights were turned off. The other students crowded around the staircases and held candles whilst the 12C class congregated in the bottom stairwell and sang. It was totally awesome and I got some good nightvision footage of it with my spiffy camera

Friday: same old, same old

Saturday: going to Vienna to try to find a dress for Jessie's wedding. I know exactly what I want, which is turning into a problem because no store has exactly what I want. I may just go to a tailor in Sopron and get one made...

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