Saturday, July 26, 2008


Today I spent the morning watching Grey's Anatomy Season 2. 

I then went for an invigorating 4 mile run, followed by some gardening. 

Once finished, it was time to get ready for my first eHarmony-enduced date. The man, G, seemed like a good match. We have many of the same interests, even similar careers. Surely we would have much to talk about.

To take any pressure off, we planned to meet at the Lakefront and have a casual first date.

I showered.

I primped.

I straightened my hair and put on makeup (those of you who know me, know that this is a big deal, what with my hair in humidity and all). 

Thirty minutes before we were to meet G, the male in question, calls and makes chit chat. This confuses me as we are shortly to meet, and in fact I am just about to head out the door.  I live approximately half an hour from the lake, you see.

G then proceeds to tell me he "hates to do this" to me, but he must cancel. 

Some lame excuse about being at his uncle's house all day and now in no condition to be meeting me for a first date.

To which I inwardly reply, "you, G, are eHarmony dead to me."

In reality, I said it was okay, but admitted that I was judging him a little for canceling on what was to have been our first date. I mean that is just bad form.

I've since decided that if he tries hard, I may give him a second chance. But if he doesn't show proper remorse then I am done with him.

Playing games, you say? Being a demanding girl, you accuse?

Perhaps. But I also happen to know that I am worth better treatment, and I'm not afraid to wait for a man who agrees.

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