Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Storm the Bastille!

Next Thursday is what I hope will be my first full-run 5k at Bastille Days. The largest Bastille Days celebration in the country, the East Town Association hits another gold with this gem of a fest at Cathedral Square Park.

On the opening night they host a 5K run-walk through downtown Milwaukee at 9:00 p.m. and I have successfully suckered three of my friends into joining me. While I did the Habitrot in Minneapolis twice (a 5K run-walk sponsored by Habitat for Humanity), I never ran those races, content only to enjoy a slow meander through campus.

I've been training for next week's run, and just today finished the full distance without walking once. Twenty-seven minutes, baby, twenty-seven minutes.

You know that time when you've been running for about fifteen minutes and the lower half of your body kind of goes numb and you no longer hear that voice in your head telling you you should walk for just one minute? That's called your groove, and I hit mine today and breezed right through to the end.

As much as one can breeze on a treadmill anyway.

I also love, love, love that feeling you get after your done and you feel like you could start right up and run another 5 miles. Today I felt jelly legs and dizziness as I hadn't eaten anything in 4 hours, but when I do get that feeling it's super.
Like the photo I got from Google search? I usually don't run without shoes. Or naked for that matter. Did I mention my hair is getting really long?

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