Thursday, March 5, 2009

Fun with Photography

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I like world travel. So much so that I am planning a month in Italy this summer, with a few weeks of excursions in Eastern Europe. The last time I was in Eastern Europe I was living and working in Hungary. I took as many opportunities to travel as possible, and got to see some great places. In a nod to all of the fabulous countries I've visited, and in preparation for my work in Italy, I am introducing a new blog series entitled "Fun with Photography." In this series I will highlight a photo from my travels as a way of telling you, dear reader, a little bit of the history behind the photo and the country in which is was snapped. Hope you enjoy!

This particular photo was taken in Bratislava, Slovakia. My mission organization was holding a spring retreat in Blava, and we had a few hours to explore Old Town. Throughout Old Town, hidden among the streets and squares, you will find a handful of delightful bronze statues. This one, a real eavesdropper, could be mistaken for a real person with that casual stance. If only it weren't for the historical getup or matching bronze-colored clothing and skin tone. The gentleman on the bench must be a little uncomfortable with that guy always looking over his shoulder.

If you ever get to Bratislava, keep an eye out for the bronze paparazzi man, and the bronze sewer worker.

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