Monday, March 16, 2009

Live Like You Mean It...or else!

It looks like Wisconsin is getting a face-lift, and rather than go with the Cat Lady's style of plastic surgery harshness, the state has opted for a more new age-y feel.

The Journal Sentinel article linked above states that the new logo with the statement, "Live Like You Mean It," is intended to correlate with Wisconsin's year-old brand of, "Originality Rules."

To which all of us Sconnies reply with a collective, "Huh?"

We have a state brand? And that brand, "Originality Rules" was given to Wisconsin??? A state that:

a) No longer seems to support initiatives that boost creativity (WI film tax incentives)
b) Is deplorably behind in 21st Century developments (smoking ban, or lack thereof, which, I guess, could be construed as "original")
c) Is only now discussing plans that will boost the economy by efficiently connecting it to other Midwestern states, cities, and economies (Regional Transit Authority, and high-speed rail lines)

Need I continue?

My point, of course, being that Wisconsin may promote that originality rules, but that doesn't mean actions follow suit.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not bashing Wisconsin. I think we're a great state and I'm proud to call it home. All I'm saying is that I would appreciate it if, after going through all of the trouble and expense of developing a brand, you would live by that brand not only in words but in actions as well. I guess I just think that it's sad that Wisconsin always seems reactive rather than proactive, at least on issues that matter the most to me.

But perhaps I'm completely wrong. Just look at the new logo. Maybe the slogan, "Live Like You Mean It," really just means, "Learn To Walk On Your Hands."

Comments? Any Sconnies out there that think the new logo rocks? Any folks that think WI is off its proverbial rocker?

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